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Sell Your Used Furniture In Dubai

If you have Second hand furniture and want to sell your all used furniture with good amount. We are here to buy all of your used furniture at your door step with good and reasonable price.

We buy Bedroom Sets, Office chair,  Dining Tables, Fabric Sofa Sets, Leather Sofa, Cupboards, Baby Beds, Rugs, Carpets, Hotel Furniture  and  all types of used furniture Of Villas/apartments.

We buy all types of used home appliances and kitchen appliances at your doorstep services provider.

We buy Ac, Fridges, Washers, Gas & Electric Cookers, Ovens, Water Dispenser, LCD & Led & 3D TV, Used Laptops, server


What Services We Offer For You

We provide services of used furniture buyers, used home appliances buyers, used kitchen appliances buyers, used electronics buyers and other household items buyers in Dubai City and Across UAE Country.


Business Consulting

Our Business Consultant Available 24/7 for Dealing to Buy your All used items.

Market Analysis

You can also compare All Market Rates before selling your second hand furniture and Home Appliances.

Financial Consulting

Our Financial Consulting Team ready to pay amount of your sell used furniture and appliances.

Items List We Buy

House & Office Furniture, Home Appliances, Kitchen  Equipment & Appliances, Villa Furniture and House hold Items etc.

Are you find Used Furniture Buyers in Dubai?

are you looking best and fast used furniture buyers in Dubai. if you Get rid of used furniture and appliances. We are here to clean your home from old items and create space. We are the #1 used furniture buyers in Dubai. Contact us form today without any hesitation. We give best deal and provide free services at your doorstep.


It is sure that we are the professional used furniture buyers in Dubai. We almost buy the furniture that is in condition of used and you want to sell out. Number one we buy the used furniture of home. Number two we buy the used furniture of kitchen. Number three we buy the used furniture of offices. Number four we buy used furniture of offices and restaurants. The main quality of our buyers is that they buy all the used furniture on the deserving price rates. Mostly our buyers are very skilled and they offer the free quotations to their customers. Usually, our buyers provide the 10% more discount while purchasing the used furniture.


Everyone in Dubai, mostly are expats and there we work as a second-hand furniture buyer in Dubai. We can buy your second-hand furniture in Dubai, if you are either leaving and going back to your country. Or you are changing and going from one city to another. Because mostly persons prefer to buy the new furniture in new cities instead to drag the old furniture. There is another way for our purchasing is that when you want to replace the old furniture by new furniture.

  • Second hand furniture of house
  • Old furniture of office
  • Used furniture of restaurants
  • Furniture of kitchen and business sites

All these kinds of furniture we buy mostly from the most populated city Dubai of UAE.


It is hugely trending of used furniture buyers in UAE. there is lot of opportunities for the inhabitants of UAE, that they choose us as buyers of their used furniture.


You choose us as a buyer of your used furniture because we offer

  • Free quotes
  • Maximum prices rates than other buyers
  • Quick service
  • The easiest method of buying the used furniture in which customers never feel irritation.
  • Skilled team of buyers

Instead of these above features you should keep in mind that we are not accidental buyer. We are the professional buyers of used furniture since many years. Utilizing our service of buying you just have to follow the three steps.


It is easy for me that there are many used furniture buyers near me. Many and countless used furniture buyers are near me. Nearby facility of buying and selling used furniture is beneficial. It is beneficial in this way that we can observe and check the condition of the furniture directly. By this surety of furniture’s seller and buyers can be increased. Buyers of used furniture who are near me, are very experienced, skilled and expert in their profession. Only you avail yourselves of this facility then you will get some idea about them that how much they are guru in their works. You just text that we have some used furniture for sell. We shall approach in very short time as expert buyers.


This is fabulous to announce that there are countless second-hand furniture buyers near me. These buyers belong to distant places but they are here just for earning. Their sole earning source is just buying the second-hand furniture. They are buying this furniture since last one decade. A lot of experience they possess. Their pricing rates are very high and they provide maximum attractive prices to their customers of second-hand furniture.


They buy the some following second hand furniture.

  • Two-seater sofa set
  • sofa set of four seaters
  • Manager’s chair
  • Table of manager
  • Dining table
  • Round table
  • Wooden shelves
  • Cupboards for files saving
  • Wooden chairs
  • Shelves for books


A man adopts his profession in which he gets maximum profit and has interest, so we are skilled buyers of used furniture in Dubai. Buying the used furniture is my profession. I am a professional type buyer of used furniture. As a buyer of used furniture, I am an experienced and trustworthy in my profession.

In Dubai, maximum people never bother to take their furniture with them to the new city. This situation needs to find the buyers of used furniture. People plan to sell old furniture and then to buy the new one’s furniture after moving to new cities. It is the best idea of people. In this way people can get some amount for their new furniture’s. By investing half amount people can buy the new furniture.


Many used furniture is available now a days. This is due to that mostly people want to live according to modern age and they sell out their old and used furniture only for buying modern furniture that is their need and requirement.

Buyers of used furniture who work in Dubai, are expert and efficient. They provide the service full time. You can call them anytime of the any day except of Sunday. They leave on Sunday due to their private chores. Never skip to choose the buyers of used furniture who work in Dubai.


Buying used furniture in Dubai is on peak level due to business-oriented center. Thousands of people visit Dubai in a day and in this ratio every business has succeeding chances. My business is to buy the used furniture in Dubai. I always buy the furniture by our customers providing them the maximum price rates. As a professional buyer, I offer the free quotation to our customers. Also, I provide the three percent profit to my customers who deal with me for a long time your customer.


I am a professional used furniture buyer in Abu Dhabi. All types and all varieties of furniture I buy from the people of Abu Dhabi. In the used furniture, I buy mostly the furniture of kitchen because its furniture is in very huge demand. The stove, pressure cooker, the water cooler, the dispenser of water, stand of water cooler, stole, knives, blender, and many more furniture with electric appliances like freezer, liquid boiler and electric tea makers we buy on the high prices. You all come to me.

If you want to sell out the above-mentioned furniture. We shall provide you satisfied price rates. Just you visit to us one time you will automatically judge our rates.


If you are in search of furniture buyers, then you are on right site. I am one of used furniture buyers in Sharjah. You will find many buyers of furniture but our group of furniture buyers in
Sharjah has his own identity due to his experience, honesty and top-class services.

We buy the

  • Used furniture in Sharjah
  • Old furniture of office in Sharjah
  • Second hand furniture in Sharjah

Our buying team o furniture is divided into areas and groups of three persons. Each group has his own duty that he performs.

For hiring our buying team, you follow bellow four steps.

  • Send us the pictures of your furniture
  • Call us
  • Share your location
  • Tell your own demand


Like others, I have started my business as a used furniture buyers in international city Dubai. You know everyone wants to start a business in the international cities. Now I am in Dubai only for starting an own business.  As a buyer of used furniture, I have spent ten years. At this time, I have got much experience about buying. You choose me for your furniture’s buyer. I shall provide you the price than other buyers.


  • School bags
  • Trunks
  • Travelling bags
  • Beds
  • Vehicle plastics covers
  • Kitchen items
  • Decorative tables

I buy mostly from our customers that can be sold out next to me easily.


I am used office furniture buyers in Dubai. In Dubai people who wants to shift their office to another trending city of business, they sell their old furniture. They save some money by selling old office furniture and they buy the new all furniture according to the current trend. In this way they become modernized in their business just selling out old furniture and buying new office furniture.


  • Office desk
  • Meeting desks
  • Sofas for office use
  • Office cubicles
  • Filling cabinet


Here I am the used office chair buyers in Dubai. An office without chairs is not an office. But for a beginner there are many problems for the set up of office for their business. The beginners have shortage of cash to start a business. In this way we offer you the best that we can help you in this situation. We usually buy the used office chairs and then we sell out by earning some profit.

We can buy and sell out the following different types of chairs.

  • Swivel chair
  • Writing chair
  • Rocking chair
  • Aeron chair
  • Plastic chairs
  • Wooden chairs
  • Steelcase office chairs

Out of these chairs if you want then I will provide you these chairs after buying from anywhere of Dubai.

Our Services Areas

We buy all type of used furniture & Home Appliances in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, RAK, Fujairah, UAQ, Sharjah and Across UAE Country. Other Cities Like Dubai Marina, International City Dubai, Palm Jumeriah, Discovery Garden, Silicon Oasis, Sports City, JLT, JVT, Arabian Ranches, Villa, Akoya Damac Hills etc.

10 k

Project Done

52 K

Happy Client


Awards Won


Experience Year


Used Furniture and Items List

We buy Bedroom Sets, Office chair,  Dining Tables, Fabric Sofa Sets, Leather Sofa, Cupboards, Baby Beds, Rugs, Carpets, Hotel Furniture, Ac, Fridges, Washers, Gas & Electric Cookers, Ovens, Water Dispenser, LCD & Led & 3D TV, Used Laptops, server and  all types of used furniture Of Villas/apartments.

[Items List]

Second Hand Items List We Buy

Used furniture Buyers

Our services are available to furniture buyers Dubai. We buy every type of used furniture such as refrigerators, washers, gas stoves, ovens, tvs & LEDs, used laptops and many more. We also sell a large range of used furniture, such as beds, tables, leather sofa sets, fabric couch sets, cupboards, beds for babies and other household items. Used Furniture Electronics Buyers has an easy to use site that sells used goods. We take away the headache you may have when you are selling used furniture. Please get in touch through this contact page. You’ll never regret it.

Used Furniture Buyer

It’s clearing out my home. How can I sell my home? Selling the furniture in the office. That moment comes and therefore you’d like to sell your apartment and your belongings immediately. I’m almost certain that if a person moves house, there will be less time in his house than when they go to the office, and it should be an absolute necessity. BUFIB helps you sell used furniture. The used furniture should be quality and we are expected to require the items.

Used Sofa Set Buyers In Dubai

Re-selling of used furniture buyer has been an ongoing business activity. Not everyone is able to afford to buy a new couch. We sell almost new sofas for clients that are cheap, used and look brand new. So we have helped some new customers in Dubai. Make a quick purchase online and buy from us.

Used Bed Room Set Buyers In Dubai

We provide quality products for buying and selling used bedroom sets across Dubai. We have good relations with the customer as a second hand furniture buyer from Dubai to Dubai. Our customers are highly valued because we provide excellent services to our customers.

Used Dining Tables Buyer in Dubai

Dining tables are expensive nowadays. Most of us are looking for a table for a cheaper price point. Some have chosen us. Because we have excellent rates. We buy second-hand furniture from Dubai, and always look for great and excellent furniture and appliances.

We buy used furniture & appliances

We purchase furniture in very good condition. Furniture like beds, beds, chairs. We also purchase repurposed kitchen furniture and restaurant equipment. You can also purchase hotels. Please send a message to find a good deal. I buy Used Furniture in Dubai.

Second Hand Furniture Buyers In Dubai

We buy second hand furniture from every city throughout Dubai that are evaluated in the context of their condition. Those prices will be good if you love them. It also helps you sell the item easily. We Are Buying Used Ikea And Another High Quality brand Furniture Used furniture buyer in Dubai, used electronics buyer in Dubai.

We have Posted New furniture buyer in umm squim furniture buyer in Jumeirah used furniture buyer in UAE used furniture buyer in sharjah used furniture buyer in Dubai. our TAGS 2nd hand office furniture buyers of used household furniture buy used office furniture cheap used office furniture home office desk home office furniture.

Office furniture buyer

We buy Office Storage and filing, Reception Desk, Conference Table, Office Chair , Office Accessories, Execute Desk, Height Adjustable Table, and Office Furniture Set. Call Us Now Used Home Appliances Buyer We buy Used Refrigerator , Used Washing Machine, Used Gas & Electric Cookers, Used Ovens.

Office Chairs | Furniture Buyer

We buy all types of office chairs like wooden chairs, plastic chairs, steel chairs, rotating chairs in good condition. I give good price after buying yours items.

Furniture Online | Used Furniture Buyers

We deal in such a way to exchange your Buy used furniture Dubai from a large variety. We hold for your home items. Being a good advisor for our consumers, we guide you properly with super prices to give you against your declutter. We have rich experience and get lowest prices profit margin. Sell and get rid of used furniture in Dubai, UAE Country. We provide services at your door step.

Used Home Appliances buyers in Dubai

Many used home appliances buyers in Dubai are available. Appliances that they buy from the clients are Water dispenser Coolers of water Pressure cookers Stoves AC Fridges Refrigerators Heat exhauster Buyers buy all these home appliances at good prices. They provide free quotations to their clients.

Buy Hotel Furniture | Restaurant Furniture

We buy complete used furniture of hotel and restaurant. if used furniture is not so great condition we cannot buy. We buy all types of kitchen appliances and restaurant equipment in Dubai areas. A few more details contact us now.

Used furniture items list we can buy

  • office desks
  • sofa sets buyers
  • beds buyers
  • dining table
  • bedroom sets
  • Fabric sofa sets
  • Hotel furniture
  • Furniture online
  • office furniture buyer
  • baby beds
  • Home Furniture
  • Home Items
  • old furniture

Used kitchen appliances items list we can buy

home appliances buyer list given below:

  • washing machines
  • kitchen appliances
  • electric cookers
  • Refrigerator

Very Reasonable Prices | Quality Services

Many of them choose us. Because we offer  very reasonable prices. We are second hand furniture buyers in Dubai, we are always on the lookout for fantastic and best furniture and appliances. Used Bed Room Set Buyers In Dubai. We provide quality services in buying and selling used bed sets accross the UAE community. We have good relationship with our customers. We also buying used home appliances like Fridges, washers, gas & electric cookers, ovens, water dispenser, LCD & LED & 3D T.Vs used laptops etc..

Services Areas

  • Silicon Oasis
  • Arabian Ranches
  • Dubai Marina
  • Palm Jumeriah
  • Akoya damac hills
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Catchment Area
  • sports city
  • discovery garden
  • International City Dubai


    [Client Reviews]

    What Our Client Says

    Our Client Always Happy with our service and Give Good Reviews after selling household items. For Satisfaction and better experience check our client reviews.

    • Client Image

      The best seller and buyer in Dubai City. I bought my house complete furniture from them and my family really got surprised that soo cheap and in good price. I got everything i wanted and for the future i am only gonna deal with them. I would really recommend every other person to buy from here and get the second hand items for them in cheap price because according to the market this one is really very reasonable and the furniture quality is also awesome.

      • Mrs. Alisbah
    • Client Image

      Best Services forever and Expert Team dealing with clients in good manner. Buying All types of Used furniture, Home Appliances and other household items at your doorstep and give quotation paying good price after deal done. I am very impress with team and recommended others to sell your used items without out any hesitation. Man with van or truck come at your door step and load all household items without any disturbance.

      • Mr. Abdullah

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